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Imagine the difference your support could make to thousands of people across the North West!

  • Piers Peberdy, Paramedic
  • Alice's Story
  • Karl's story
  • Piers

    “With every mission, we see the difference our service makes to a patient when they need us the most. In a split second, unexpected things can happen that might change someone’s life forever.

    “We provide advanced pre-hospital care to critically ill and injured patients across the North West, and by bringing the hospital to the patient we can be there for them when they need us the most.

    “Just as many of our patients wouldn’t be here without us, our service and our team wouldn’t be here without our wonderful fundraisers, volunteers and supporters. On behalf of the crew, thank you to you all for your support.”

  • Alice

    Alice Roberts from Lancaster was just 14 years old when she suffered several severe injuries when her horse bolted and collided with a Land Rover. Our crew arrived on scene, providing vital pre-hospital care before airlifting Alice to hospital.

    “There’s no doubt the North West Air Ambulance Charity saved my life. My injuries included a fractured pelvis, clavicle and ribs, a ruptured diaphragm and a torn liver, stomach and kidney. Without the care they provided so quickly at the scene, before airlifting me to the Royal Preston Hospital, it’s unlikely I would have survived.”

    Now, Alice dedicates her time to fundraising to support our charity.

    “Ever since my accident, my family and I have organised lots of different events to raise funds for the charity – my brother even ran an ultramarathon! We’ve raised over £10,000 in total, and it’s all worth it, the crew are literally lifesavers. You don’t need to be as crazy as my brother as anything you can do, no matter how big or small, makes all the difference, and means the charity can continue saving lives for so many more years to come.”

  • Karl

    In April 2019, Karl Halton from Warrington was involved with a serious motorcycle collision. Our paramedics quickly arrived at the scene, and administered urgent pre-hospital care before transporting Karl to Aintree Hospital.

    “The North West Air Ambulance Charity were there for me at one of the worst moments of my life, and I’ll never forget their care. My arm and leg were shattered, my other thigh was broken and ruptured an artery, and my pelvis was shattered and detached from my spine. I was in a serious condition, although during the flight to Aintree I apparently told my wife to put my tea in the oven when she called, as I thought I’d only been in a slight accident!

    “I’m still recovering over a year later, but I’m so grateful I have that opportunity and it’s thanks to the brilliant work of the crew. This charity deserves all the support it can get, it does a truly amazing job and I urge anyone to get involved to help.”

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Did you know?

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    funds one minute of a North West Air Ambulance Charity mission

  • Oxygen Canister


    could buy a one litre portable oxygen canister used by crew to treat seriously injured patients at the scene

  • £25

    could buy a warming blanket, essential to maintain the body temperature of severe trauma patients

  • £100

    could buy a surgical airway kit, crucial in life-threatening situations, such as airway obstruction or facial trauma

  • £250

    could supply a primary response bag which carries the medical equipment needed to treat major trauma patients

  • £650

    could provide a specialist stretcher allowing patients, especially those with neck and spinal injuries, to be lifted and transported to hospital smoothly

  • £1,800

    could buy a helmet for our crew members. This headgear not only provides vital protection but in-built communication equipment, enabling them to get to patients as quickly as possible

  • £4,950

    could kit out one clinical crew with protective uniform and medical kit needed to make a lifesaving difference

  • £25,000

    could fuel one of our aircraft for a month

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