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Your local air ambulance charity would not be here without the support of its community of generous supporters

Your North West Air Ambulance Charity receives no day to day government or National Lottery funding. Every day our crew are tasked to missions across the region delivering care to patients and ensuring they get to the right medical treatment centre for their care as quickly as possible. It is through your support that we can ensure we can be there for patients and their families in the future.

Support us today to help ensure others can have the gift of time.

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  • Jason Le Masurier
  • Lizzie Morley, Paramedic
  • Ruth’s Story
  • Jason

    “I was out kite surfing with a friend when it happened. Before I got to the sea, a gust of wind picked me up (I’m told it was about 20 feet in the air!) and dropped me down on the sand. The North West Air Ambulance Charity was quickly on scene and got me to a hospital that specialised in brain injuries, which gave me the best chance of survival. I would not be here today without the help of the air ambulance crew.

    “When I had my accident, my now wife Liz was pregnant with our son Jack, and I spent two years in hospital recovering from my injuries. After being told that it was likely that I’d never walk again, I became determine to eventually be able to walk down the aisle. By our wedding day I was well enough that I didn’t just walk down the aisle, I actually ran, just to make a point!”

    Despite being told that he would never walk again, Jason relearned to run, swim and cycle and took part in a triathlon with his wife Liz to raise vital funds for our charity.

    Jason’s wife, Liz, adds: “I am so grateful to the North West Air Ambulance Charity for saving Jason’s life. Because of them, every day of our lives is a happy one, and we feel so blessed. Things could be very different for us without its help.

    “We’re very conscious of the fact that the charity is totally reliant on public donations. Fundraising is our way of showing our gratitude and saying thank you to a wonderful organisation”.

  • Lizzie

    “With every mission, I see the difference that our service makes to a patient when time is of the essence. In a split second, unexpected things can happen that can change someone’s life forever. It’s in these moments that the North West Air Ambulance Charity will be at the right place, at the right time, making a life-changing difference. Whenever access is difficult or time is critical, the speed and accessibility of our helicopters makes our service absolutely vital.

    “Just as many of our patients wouldn’t be here without us, our helicopters and my colleagues wouldn’t be here without wonderful fundraisers, volunteers and supporters. It was my role that inspired me to hold a bake sale to help ensure that the service can continue to be there for the people of the North West. The event was a lot of fun to organise (especially the baking part!) and because it is a cause close to many people’s hearts, the Cumbrian community was hugely supportive, helping make it a great success, raising £400 in total and driving awareness in the area.

    “By being there for the charity today. We could be there for you, or your loved ones, tomorrow.”

  • Ruth

    Ruth has seen the real difference we can make when we came to the aid of her partner after he lost control of his car, leaving him with some prolific injuries, including two collapsed lungs and numerous fractures. Since her partner’s recovery, Ruth has vowed to fundraise as she believes that her partner would not have made it to a hospital without our service, and has taken on a unique sponsored weight loss challenge to help keep our helicopters in the air.

    “John would not have made it to the hospital if we did not have the incredible people at the North West Air Ambulance Charity, I cannot thank them enough. A year after the accident, I thought the best way to celebrate him surviving by fundraising for this incredible service.

    “I wanted to take on a different kind of challenge which my family and friends would really get behind and found new ways of keeping it interesting by putting donation penalties for myself if I didn’t reach my targets. Thanks to online tools, such as JustGiving and social media, it was easy to tell everyone about my challenge and why they should pledge support for me. I was amazed at how generous my friends and family have been, along with moral support, they’ve helped me smash my £1,000 target in just two months!”

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