Any company can support NWAA; whether you’re fundraising in a small team or as an entire organization.

Visit the helicopter at its base and meet the heroic crew, subject to missions. Have a look for yourself at the vital service you’ll be helping to provide.


Adopting NWAA for the year is a great way to support this life-saving Charity whilst also benefitting your company. Find out more.


We work with the corporate sector for mutual benefit through a range of services aligning our corporate identity with the NWAA imagery, brand and ethos. Find out more.


Gifts of money made to NWAA by your company can simply be paid without deduction of tax and the amount paid is treated as a ‘non-trade charge’ – this means your company can make a claim in its Company Tax Return to set the amount of the donation against its taxable profits, which can have the effect of reducing a company’s Corporation Tax charge to nil.

For further guidance and information, contact your tax adviser in the first instance.

Find out more about donations.


Current opportunities:

Seize the “golden opportunity” and advertise your company on the helicopter.

Get your logo out and about! Sponsor NWAA running vests, T-shirts or cycle tops.

Fundraise in the Office

Apprentice Game: Set tasks for teams to develop and test their business skills; eg., How many lottery subscribers can you recruit for NWAA in four hours? Which team can raise the most money sourcing and selling an auction prize at the Ball?

Wii Sport Challenge: Take advantage of inter-departmental rivalries and organize a contest. Your most competitive employees won’t be able to resist paying to take part, again and again.

Pudding Day: Forget the calories, this is the tastiest way to fundraise! Either have a pudding sale or a competition to find the best dessert.

Raffle: Hold a raffle, colour co-ordinated to the “golden hour”; the opportunity you’ll be giving someone.
Networking Golf / Cricket Day: Organize a Golf or Cricket Day as a networking event and charge an entry fee.

Office Sweepstake: Run a sweepstake for the Olympics, an expected baby’s hour of birth, the FA Cup (at the start of the season) or the X-Factor.

Dress Up Day: Wear black tie and tiaras for the day. See who scrubs up best!

Go Yellow! You can do this anytime but Air Ambulance Awareness Week in September is especially relevant. Dress in yellow, accessorize in yellow, yellow raffle, throw custard pies at the Boss, bake lemon cakes, sell Air Ambulance helicopters – let your imagination run riot.

Remember, every £ 500 you raise will pay for the helicopter to take off on a mission.


We’ve got a fantastic calendar of year-round events that offers something for everyone or let us help you organize a bespoke event that meets your requirements.

Payroll Giving

The perfect way to reduce employees’ tax bills! By donating directly from their wages, staff will be given tax relief on each donation immediately – and at their highest rate of tax so every donation costs them less!


Become a part of NWAA by sharing your business and professional skills whether it be in Admin, retail, IT or training. Or you might prefer to practise your networking and presentation skills.

By giving your time you’ll be giving someone else the gift of time; the precious “golden” hour.

In the event of serious incidents it is the speed with which medical care can be delivered that is crucial.

Corporate News

North West Air Ambulance Paramedic Pup pays a visit to Longridge

Furness Building Society’s Longridge Agency had a very special visitor this week, from their nominated charity’s Paramedic Pup.

The North West Air Ambulance’s Paramedic Pup visited Furness Building Society each day this week to encourage customers to open one of their affinity accounts. Supporters who save in the North West Air Ambulance Charity Accounts with the Furness, help to generate an annual payment to the charity from the building society’s own funds – not from their savings. The Furness makes an annual payment to the charity based on the total balances in all of the North West Air Ambulance savings accounts.

To raise further awareness of the charity’s work in the community, the building society plans to visit a number of local schools with the Paramedic Pup over the coming weeks.

Carol Bonham, Corporate Partnership Manager at the North West Air Ambulance, added: “It is fantastic when you see local businesses and schools working together to support our charity. Furness Building Society and Longridge has been a great support of our charity over the years, raising over £100,000 for us last year alone.  It’s only with the public’s support that North West Air Ambulance can continue to operate and save lives.”

To open an affinity account, please visit the Longridge Agency on Calder Avenue. Anyone opening a North West Air Ambulance Charity affinity account at the agency during December will receive a FREE model of a North West Air Ambulance Helicopter, while stocks last.

Marsden Building Society continue to support for North West Air Ambulance with £31,000 donation

Marsden Building society has generously raised £31,407.73 for the North West Air Ambulance Charity raised through its Affinity Accounts this year.

Marsden Building Society made this donation as part of its arrangement with the charity under which supporters save in North West Air Ambulance branded affinity accounts and receive interest on their money, while the Society makes an annual payment from its own funds equivalent to 0.5 per cent of the average balances in all of the accounts.

Since starting its Affinity Accounts two years ago, Marsden Building Society has supported the North West Air Ambulance with about £84.000.

To help raise further funds Marsden Building Society continued to support North West Air Ambulance during the awareness week with all branches running a ‘Guess the Bear’ competition.

Carol Bonham, Corporate Partnership Manager, at the North West Air Ambulance said: “It costs over £4.2 million a year to keep both of our helicopters flying and saving lives across the region.

“A huge payment such as this can help keep one of our helicopters operational and saving lives across the North West for 13 years, and so we are hugely grateful to all of our supporters who keep on saving in the Affinity Accounts.  They receive interest on their money and Marsden Building Society recognises its commitment with the annual payment from its own funds.  It is a perfect partnership.”

If you’re interested in opening a North West Air Ambulance Affinity account with Marsden Building Society, please ask at your local branch or visit

United Utilities staff to help save lives

The region’s water firm is splashing thousands in charity money to save lives backing the county’s two air ambulances.

United Utilities workforce voted to keep the medics flying and saving lives by choosing North West Air Ambulance as their nominated charity.

Steve Fraser managing director, said “These two aircraft respond to life threatening incidents across North West, the majority to our customers. It is right and proper, as the regional water supplier, we do our bit to help the lives of our customers flow smoothly in whatever way we can.

“Sponsoring the work of the Air Ambulance Service will ensure that specialist teams of doctors can fly out to treat patients at the scene and keep saving lives.”

Adding, “The service is entirely funded by charitable donations and there is little doubt in my mind that, without them, many people would not be here today.”

Our service cost a staggering £4.2m each year in order to keep both air ambulances airborne and operating.

Our helicopters flew more than 1,000 missions last year and made their first flight in 1999, relying almost entirely on public support.

Lynda Brislin, chief executive of North West Air Ambulance Charity, said “We are delighted that the biggest water supplier in the region has chosen the North West Air Ambulance Charity as its charity of the year. Last year, we flew over 1,200 rescue missions throughout the region – so a partnership like this will go a long way in helping to raise the £4.2 million it costs to keep our two helicopters operational and saving lives across the North West.”

Our choppers fly seven days a week, 365 days a year, serving a population of around eight million people, proving a rapid response covering an area of 5,500 square miles.  Crews can be called out five times a day on average, rising to 10 in the summer.

Thank you to United Utilities for choosing to support our charity and helping us to give the gift of time!