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There are some times in your life when you may need some help and...

You Just Never Know

September 9, 2015

There are some times in your life when you may need some help and assistance. It’s probably when you least expect it, at the wrong time and usually in emergency situations.

A few days before my wife and I were due to go to Sorrento to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary earlier this year, I was out cycling with my friend on a route we’ve done many times before. When, unfortunately some distance from home, I found myself in a ditch at the side of the road, unable to move, with pretty serious neck, back, ribs and wrist injuries. Passers-by and my friend were quick to contact the emergency services and within a short space of time, paramedic crews were at the scene tending to my injuries. The initial results suggested that an air ambulance would be needed to both get me to the emergency trauma centre quickly and without any “bumps” along the way, which due to my injuries may have aggravated them going by road.

The North West Air Ambulance Charity crew was at the scene pretty quickly, landing in a field close to the incident area, which is amazing and a credit to the pilots. The charity’s doctor and paramedics quickly made me as comfortable as possible whilst getting inside the helicopter on the stretcher and any worries I had were quickly dispelled by the team. An ETA of 5 minutes was communicated to the trauma centre at Royal Preston Hospital. The flight, whilst being quick, was smooth and the team was constantly ensuring my condition didn’t get any worse, whilst keeping me reassured. On arrival at Preston Hospital, the helicopter landed safely on the helipad and I was handed over to the trauma team in A&E and later I was moved into critical care.

I needed to have a number of operations on my wrist, and one on my back but I am pleased to say I am now well on the way to recovery and certainly the experiences of ALL the medical teams involved have been brilliant and I know I owe my wife big time!

The North West Air Ambulance Charity’s speed, expertise and professionalism were a key contributor to my immediate needs and without them I am not sure my outcome would be as positive as it is.

Let’s ensure we all maintain the support for this much needed emergency service as you just never know when YOU may need them.

Mark Kenwright

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