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The countdown continues…

April 7, 2017

Hello, I’m Kristina. Working as the North West Air Ambulance Charity’s lottery officer means I’m always on the lookout for exciting fundraising opportunities, but this is the first time I’ve taken on the gauntlet of a challenging physical event. Whilst I’m no expert (far from it!) hopefully my story will provide some inspiration and show you that even the most inexperienced runner can build up to an impressive distance.


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I used to run quite regularly and had always tried to maintain my fitness but – for one reason or another over the past three or four years – I’ve struggled to find the time and motivation to push myself out the door. However, I promised myself that one day I would return to the roads, so when Caroline suggested I participate in this year’s 10km route it seemed like the ideal opportunity to dust off my running shoes and get back out there.

My job can be demanding at times, so I’m cautious not to push myself too hard and burn out. Training started in earnest at the start of Lent, when I cleared my cupboards of all cakes, biscuits and chocolate…which was heartbreaking! My first run was a complete disaster, as my 6am alarm didn’t go off, but since then I have been using the treadmill at my local gym to slowly rebuild my stamina. Even though it may be tough at first, I’m determined to continue as I know first hand how important the work of our charity is to people across the region.

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