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In September I was fortunate enough to make my television debut, starring on none...

Andy Duncan on the Red Sofa

Andy’s Time on the Red Sofa

October 29, 2015

In September I was fortunate enough to make my television debut, starring on none other than BBC Breakfast!

BBC reporter John Maguire travelled to Wrea Green to film a series, exploring the challenges faced by residents living in rural areas in Britain. I was given the great opportunity to sit on the infamous BBC Breakfast red sofa along with Paramedic Pup, to discuss medical issues that people living in villages located in the countryside face and how an air ambulance service is of benefit to them.

My day kicked off with a slightly earlier start than usual (5.30am), which involved preparing myself and the aircraft for filming. Prior to filming I had a quick chat with a member of the charity’s communications team, to go over key points and messages that would be useful to mention during shoot, and to understand what will happen before the cameras start rolling. Apart from making sure I was prepared, the prep talk helped a lot to calm my nerves.

My 15 minutes of fame was an ideal platform for me to raise the profile and communicate a number of messages about the North West Air Ambulance Charity to viewers on a wider national level. I had the chance to show John around the helicopter and talked through the significance of the equipment we have onboard and how they help people across the North West.

I followed on to discuss the importance of the “Golden Hour”, and how essential it is for patients suffering from major injuries to receive prompt care in a trauma centre. I explained how our aircrafts can avoid problems of distance, terrain and traffic, and how we are able to ensure patients are quickly transferred to trauma centres in the rapid speed of 10 minutes.

The BBC broadcast was filmed in three parts and it’s safe to say by the second round of filming I was a lot more relaxed. I was even comfortable enough to throw in a few jokes here and there; which seemed to work a treat with the reporter and my fellow crew members!

Admittedly the idea of knowing that my face was going to be broadcast all over national television was nerve wrecking, but it was also a very enjoyable experience! I hope other members of the crew get the opportunity to take part in media broadcasts like this. It was incredibly fulfilling to know I was able to reveal a snapshot of what the charity does to the public and give the charity a human touch.

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