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“Our charity stores often accept interesting donations, but our Lytham at Home store recently...

Antique Tea Table - Above View

A Most Peculiar Purchase – a story from Lytham at Home

May 12, 2016

Antique Table
“Our charity stores often accept interesting donations, but our Lytham at Home store recently received an item with a remarkable history attached to it.”

“The antique tea table, one of a set of two, dates back to 1860 and was kindly donated by a local lady and originally housed at Isel Hall near Cockermouth, in the Lake District. The owner of the Hall had three children and the table was a gift, given to their mother. The table was then passed on to the local lady, who was a friend of the family, who then donated it to us.

“Apart from the local history associated with the table, there is another interesting story linked to the object. After the table had been housed at our Lytham at Home store, a gentleman visited and seemed particularly interested in the object. After placing his hand on the table for a few moments, he proceeded to explain to me the table’s history (information I already knew), adding additional facts that I was unaware of. The gentleman suggested to me at that time that he had a psychic ability and, being sceptical, I trawled the internet for history of the Hall, its inhabitants and the items inside it. Although I could find no facts relating to the table at all, I still like to think of it in Isel Hall and the events that may have happened around it, during its time there.

“The table has recently sold from our store for £350, a fantastic achievement for all involved and I am proud to say that our charity is now included in its rich history.

“Donations such as these help to keep your North West Air Ambulance charity’s helicopters flying and operational 365 days a year, and we couldn’t be more grateful for them. If you’d like to give pre-loved items to our charity, bring them in directly to store or arrange a collection, either online or over the phone by calling the shop directly. All of our store’s details can be found at www.nwaa.net/retail/.”

Pete Hulme, Manager, Lytham at Home

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