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B&M Retail Plc donates £20,000 to our charity

B&M Retail Plc have made a generous £20,000 donation to the charity following a successful grant application. Money donated will purchase two new, vital pieces of medical equipment, the Lucas Chest Compression System.

The LUCAS Chest Compression system standardises chest compressions by providing automated CPR on a patient suffering from cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest remains a leading cause of death across the UK and can affect even the young and athletic. Devastatingly 95% of patients die before they reach the hospital. In these situations, the gift of time that our helicopters provide can make a huge impact and a lifesaving difference.  In order to save the lives of cardiac arrest patients and avoid brain damage, a steady supply of oxygen to the heart and brain is vital so when advanced care is readily available results show the chance of survival increases by up to 30%.

Whilst the speed of our helicopters is vital in cardiac arrest situations, the small cabin of the aircraft can make the delivery of CPR challenging, even for our highly experienced crew. This sometimes means that a patient in cardiac arrest will travel by land to maintain regular CPR, losing vital time in the process. Having a LUCAS device on board will allow cardiac arrest patients to receive effective, sustained CPR throughout their treatment. This will free up our crew to enable them to carry out other treatments that may be vital in an emergency, whilst our helicopters take them to the right hospital for their treatment in the quickest possible time.

We would like to thank everyone at B&M Retail Plc for supporting us this year.


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