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Be a Hero Today and Save a Life Tomorrow

We need to raise £7,500 to buy a vital chest compression system to help patients in cardiac arrest.

We are calling on you to become a lifesaver by helping to fund a Chest Compression system for your North West Air Ambulance Charity. This vital equipment delivers automated CPR and helps improve a patient’s chance of survival.


Cardiac arrest remains a leading cause of death across the UK affecting even the young and athletic. Devastatingly 95% of patients die before they reach the hospital. This is when our crew and the speed of our aircraft can give the gift of time and make a lifesaving difference.

The small cabin of the aircraft can make the delivery of consistent CPR challenging, even for our highly experienced crew. This sometimes means that a patient in cardiac arrest will travel by land to maintain regular CPR, losing vital time in the process.

Having a chest compression device on board our helicopter would enable cardiac arrest patients to receive effective, sustained CPR throughout their treatment, whilst allowing our crew to navigate to the right treatment center for their care and perform other treatments that may be vital in an emergency.

This lifesaving equipment costs £7,500 and with your support today, we hope to raise enough to purchase a chest compression device for one of our helicopters. A device that will enable your North West Air Ambulance Charity to save even more lives.


With three helicopters operating 365 days a year, your North West Air Ambulance Charity brings advanced health care to the scene and just as many critically injured patients would not survive without our service, the North West Air Ambulance Charity would not be here without you!

Donate via our JustGiving page here or by texting NWAA17 and the amount you would like to give to 70070.

Can you help us today so we can make a lifesaving difference tomorrow?

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