Our Emergency Missions

Our Emergency Missions

To deliver the gift of time to the most critically ill patients from across the North West requires the very best in team work, timing and expertise.

Who calls on us?

When dialling 999 for a medical emergency, it is the Ambulance Service control room that will receive your call and dispatch the most appropriate response to treat the patient. In cases of major trauma, such as for spinal or head injuries it is the speed and smoothness that our Air Ambulance can offer that gives the patient the greatest chance of recovery.

Once the control room identifies that a 999 call requires an Air Ambulance they will pass the details over to our crews. Once received, our crew of pilots, doctors and paramedics can plan their response, identifying the location via map grid references.

Once airborne it is the role of the medical crew aboard to assist the pilot with navigation, and on arrival at the scene, the pilot pinpoints the optimal landing site for patient care and safety.

Often having to land in some of the most challenging of environments, from barren land to congested motorways, it is the role of our skilful Pilots to navigate through the region’s busy airspace to get our medical crews to the patient in the quickest time possible.

Once at the scene, our doctors and paramedics will assess and treat the patient, identifying the most appropriate hospital to transfer them to for their condition. The patient is then placed on-board and quickly taken to receive the specialist treatment for their illness.

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