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What aircraft do you use and how many people can you carry?

We have three EC135 air craft. These small efficient aircraft ensure we can get to incidents quickly and land in tight spaces safely as they are small and light.  The efficiencies we make in being rapid mean space is limited on board but we carry all the vital equipment we need.  Two of our aircraft have one pilot on board and specially trained Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) paramedics.  One of our aircraft has one pilot, one HEMS paramedic and a HEMS doctor on board.  Each aircraft can carry one patient lying down on a stretcher.


How fast do your helicopters travel?

Flying at speeds of up to 150mph we can give the gift of time, saving the vital minutes needed to make a difference to a precious life.


Can we see inside the helicopters?

As a live emergency service, our crews have to ensure they are ready for action as soon as a call comes in.  Sadly, this means we can not facilitate ad hoc visits.  Occasionally we will host an open day and behind the scenes sessions – keep an eye on our events calendar and social media for these.


What equipment do you carry that is different to a land ambulance?

Our helicopters are kitted out with the most advanced lifesaving equipment to give patients the best chance of survival.  The equipment on board is almost exact to what you’d have within a land ambulance, such as a ventilation unit, suction unit, vacuum mattress, patient monitor and defibrillator.


Does the North West Air Ambulance Charity fly at night?

We currently fly during daylight hours only.  Visibility is dramatically reduced outside of daylight hours and the safety of our crew, patients and the public is naturally paramount.


Why is Helimed 75 still coloured red?

Canary yellow is the colour of our brand hence why Helimed 08 and Helimed 72 sport it proudly. During 2013 the red aircraft, Helimed 75, came available to us allowing us to expand our fleet.  Although different in colour, it is an identical EC135 aircraft and does not signify any difference. We are frequently asked why we have not sprayed the red aircraft yellow. In the future we do hope to have a fleet of yellow aircraft but at this time the three helicopters are still doing a fantastic job!

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