Our Helicopters

Our Helicopters

Our helicopters enable us to deliver expert medical care in the right place, at the right time, increasing a patient’s chances of survival and early recovery.

Why do we use helicopters?

Our helicopters transport the medical expertise necessary to people whose injuries or life threatening condition require specialist treatment and care. Where every second is vital, whether a person has suffered a spinal injury and is stranded in a remote location or has been injured in a road traffic accident, it is the adaptability, speed and agility that our helicopters can provide that makes the difference.

We lease our fleet of three Eurocopter EC135 helicopters from Bond Air Services, a relationship that dates back to 1999. Through our leasing agreement we are able to limit the financial risk of owning an aircraft. This enables the charity to carefully allocate the money you raise to continually push advancements in patient care.

Fast Facts

Our helicopters are medically modified to provide our doctors and paramedics the lifesaving equipment needed to serve the 8 million people of the North West and its visitors, 365 days a year.

Flying at speeds of up to 150mph we can give the gift of time, saving the vital minutes needed to make a difference to a precious life.  With a highly manoeuvrable, aero-dynamic fuselage, the compact design of our helicopters enables us to provide vital care and assistance to people who may have previously been considered inaccessible by road or by foot.

Each of our helicopters are kitted out with the most advanced lifesaving equipment, giving the patient the very best chance of survival.

The medical equipment on-board includes:

  • ventilation unit,
  • suction unit,
  • vacuum mattress,
  • state-of-the art patient monitor and defibrillator

These features enable us to provide the very best response to those that require us, offering the capacity to transport our specialist crews, patient and medical equipment needed.

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