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Our crew requires specially adapted helmets to carry out lifesaving missions every day.
These helmets not only provide vital protection but also have in-built communication equipment, enabling them to get to patients as quickly as possible.

In total we need to raise £18,000 to equip all of our clinical crew with one of these helmets.

As the £1 coin is starting to be replaced, your old pounds will soon become worthless. We are asking you to help give our crew a head start by donating your old pound coins today.

NWAA Paramedic

When Stacey’s three-year-old daughter suffered a head injury from a pony kick, we were called to urgently airlift her to hospital. Minutes after arrival, she lost consciousness and started having seizures, before undergoing six hours of immediate emergency lifesaving surgery.

“Had it not been for the incredible team, I do not think my daughter would be with us today, as we were able to get to a specialist hospital before her condition worsened. For the rest of my life I will always remember those people who helped to save my little girl’s life.”

Stacey’s daughter wouldn’t be here without us. And we wouldn’t be here without you.

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